Sunday, 8 September 2013

Is Donburi (Northbridge, Perth WA)

Shop 10, 189 William St
Northbridge Western Australia 6003
(08) 9328 2621
    Mon, Wed-Sun 11:30 am - 4 pm
    Mon, Wed-Sun 5 pm - 9:30 pm

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Is Donburi is small funky Japanese restaurant that happens to be a fast food outlet too. In the very heart of the city, always busy and with a constant flow of patrons for both take-away and dinning in, Is Donburi is a place where to have a good Japanese meal at very good prices and in decent quantities.They don't offer sophisticated Japanese, but a good selection of entrees, rolls, salads, soups and bento trays and bowls. Sushi, Sashimi, Donburi, Bento, Udon. You name it, they have it. Despite not being the latest big thing, they do extremely well everything - rolling the rolls, presentation, and tastiness of the dishes. Better than others that have the name and charge you double for similar things.

My favourite entrees are the gyoza, the prawn parcels and the octopus balls (takayaki), which are delicious and make a light meal on their own. You can try them all, with others, in the tempura tray.

My favourite roll is the grilled salmon's. It does look beautiful, and it is extremely flavoursome. It has a great mix of flavours, colours and textures: pink and green on top (grilled salmon and herbs) and pieces of avocado, mango and beetroot inside; it is served in a lovely long boat-like tray - destination my belly!
The deluxe bento are really great, filling, varied, and very well priced, and I have liked everything I have tried. They have enough food for a man with a big stomach.

I love the freshness and mix of colours and ingredients of their take-away rolls, which are really filling, crispy, fresh and beautiful to look at, and the best take-away rolls  I've tried in the city!

Service is friendly and decently paced indoors, and very fast for take-away. I go there regularly, and the norm is fast friendly service. The staff are very accommodating regarding anything. The space is limited, but, at least at lunch time, people go, eat and leave fast, so I have never found problems finding a table for one or two people at peak hours. The staff clean the place fast and serve you almost immediately.

They attract people from all ages, mostly youngsters and young professionals, although you can also find families, tradies and old grandpas depending on the time of the day you visit.

- I don't like that the cheaper bento are served in a bowl. The quantity and quality of the food is the same, but all the ingredients are squeezed together, all the flavours and sauces mixed before entering my mouth, and that rests flavour and makes eating less enjoyable. Moreover, it is very difficult to eat everything without creating a bit of mess on the table.
- They could easily improve the quality of their Miso Soup, which is a bit watery and lacking in flavour. I would rather pay 1$ and have a good one than nothing and have a bad one. Perhaps it is just me.

- They don't have a website or a Facebook account.

+ Green tea and miso soup are complimentary with any main meal.

+ They do doggy bags!
+ They close on Tuesdays not on Mondays, when most restaurants close in Northbridge.

+ They are open in the evenings.
+ Paywave available.
+ Different queues for take-away and dining in. 


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