Monday, 8 April 2013

Tea for Tú (Northbridge, Perth WA)

218A William St (Rear)
Perth Western Australia 6000
(08) 9227 7628


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Tea for Tú looks like one those places photographed in "Frankie".  In the very heart of Northbridge, but hidden from any noise and human agglomeration, below Mechanics Institute, at the back of Tú Boutique, Tea for Tú in an example of how a business can thrive doing simple things right. The alfresco area uses vintage and second hand items to create a cute quirky place in which all the elements blend harmoniously. The indoor area is functional and  modern, with two mini wall tables, and the coffee and food preparation and conservation areas; the most remarkable thing about this area if the absolutely gorgeous custom-made shelves. Their old vintage crockery is beautiful. 

Tea for Tú is not only a beautiful micro-café and tea parlour, it is a business that does well what any café should be doing: 
1 - They have a very good coffee, which is well prepared, creamy, strong but not bitter. They use Crema beans. To me, strong coffee is the perfect companion to sweets. The price for the in-house coffee is cheaper than in other cafés in the area (3.40$). They have a 3-dollar takeaway between 7-9am.
2 - They have a good selection of brewing teas.
3 - They have a good selection of savoury and sweet temptations. Their Danish pastries, croissants, mini-cakes and tartlets are simply delicious. They have a nice colourful selection of macaroons, cupcakes, slices, and savoury mini-sandwiches.
4 - They have an excellent service. The baristas attending to the place are good looking, very cool and genuinely friendly.
5 - They have a small but nice selection of magazines and newspapers.  

The main downsides of the place are: 
- The seating areas are: very small upstairs, and minuscule downstairs.
- They do not or cannot prepare hot food in the premises.
- The coffee is strong, but there are noticeable differences regarding strength and preparation depending on the barista.  
- Their take-away coffee is more expensive than in other cafés after 9am.
- Their alfresco area can be quite hot in hot days.  
- It is a pity that the flowers that used to decorate each table have been replaced by pots of herbs. Why not flower pots? A bit of the charm of the place has gone with that. 

This is one of my favourite cafés in the Cultural Centre, because it is cute, it is quiet, it is friendly, and you can escape anything and anybody. Even if the place is full, the number of people around is very limited, so you aren't going to get stressed about the noise level. Most importantly, you can have a nice conversation with your company of selection.  



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