Friday, 22 March 2013

Moana Coffee (Perth WA)

Shop 1F/ 618 Hay St
Perth Western Australia 6000
Moana's Website
    Mon-Fri 7:00 - 15:00

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Note: Yes, I have eaten at Moana and visited repeatedly...

Moana is the beautiful Samoan name for "deep sea", and also the name of a documentary of the 1920s. However, Moana Café takes its name from the Moana Chambers Building where it is located - An example of the glamour and charm of the 1920s' Perth that, despite all odds, is still alive and thriving. The space has recently been refurbished and reinvented by Architects Nic Brunsdon and Beth George, and turned into a triptych space: business offices, a newly built womb-like jarrah exhibition area, and the café. 

Moana Café encapsulates the spirit of a Colonial-European café of the 1920s but it has been revamped for the needs of a modern weekday café. Old architecture, cozy cute decoration details, nice simple fresh food, welcoming quiet space, and great service. This elegant café is in the heart of Hay St Mall, but, at least at present, it is like an oasis of peace. It has a relaxed atmosphere -in part due to the smallness of the place-, which allows you to have a meal, chat with your companion or just relax on your own while seeing the world pass by from the balcony.

The food offer is small at present. The chicken and vegetarian quesadillas are simply delicious (with or without sour cream), full of fresh ingredients - A perfect light lunch. Their three salads on offer are simple but very tasty, and you can have them on their own or as a side dish with any other thing. Their wraps are terrible. Sorry, my opinion. They have a lovely good-looking home-made selection of cookies and muffins.
Moana' s coffee is good. They use Bonissimo beans; hit! They have mugs; hit! And their coffee tastes great and is well prepared; hit! 

Service is terrific, and the young ladies behind the counter are very welcoming,  friendly, and eager to please.
The place is taking off by worth of mouth, and it is becoming quite popular despite the fact that it has just opened. Great news for such a lovely humble café.

  • I would like their list of hot dishes and sweets enlarged, with more cooked options available.
  • I would like those terrible wraps replaced with others that have something tasty inside.
  • They can easily add some more individual tables in the balcony and in the indoor area. 
  • I know I should not be saying this, but the jarrah exhibition space would make a very trendy restaurant dining room, if it was incorporated into the café. There are gazillion better spaces for an exhibition area around the city, but this would be perfect to turn the café into a restaurant. My opinion. 
Location: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Layout: 7/10
Coffee: 7.5/10 
Food: 6.5/10 
Service: 9/10
Pricing: 7.5/10


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