Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sayers (Leederville, Perth WA)

Shop 1/ 224 Carr Place
Leederville WA 6007
(08) 9227 0429
    Mon-Sun 7:00 - 15:00

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Sayers is one of those places that epitomises what a good café and restaurant can be and sets an example for other cafés that aim to get a name amongst foodies without overcharging or hype. Sayers ticks most things that need to be ticked when evaluating a restaurant: good location - good ambience - good food - decent coffee - moderate pricing - decent serves - cozy layout - fresh local produce - and good service. Bingo!
I love the multi-layered and open layout, which goes from the inner place and spreads around the footpath, to the quiet intimate alley beside the building -my fav area-, and to the inner backyard. The space between tables is sometimes very small, but nothing uncomfortable.

The place is fully packed most days, any time, with patrons of all ages and conditions, but the atmosphere is always relaxed and enjoyable, casual, intimate and classy.

I have tried everything at Sayers, breakfast, lunches, after-hour counter lunches, sweets, coffee and teas, and every single thing has been good, very good or outstanding. They seems to succeed at creating dishes that are well textured, with great taste combinations, and beautifully plated.

The croquette breakfast is yummy, filling, and full of flavour and textures. Delicious to the utmost degree. They are a sort of Eggs Benedict with a big croquette, and Bearnaise -sort of Hollandaise sauce-. The best breakfast I have had this year, and I have had plenty!

Despite its simplicity, the Salmon & Orange salad is wonderfully textured, tasty, light and very refreshing. It is perfect if you want a light lunch or want to leave room in your stomach for a dessert.

The pan seared rare tuna salad is a high-cuisine kind of dish, wonderfully plated, fresh, filling, light and very colourful. I missed some type of bread or bread-ish product to accompany the dish, though.

Their selection of savoury tarts is eye-catching, and, to me, much more tempting than their sweets. They are good, very tasty and textured, not just good looking.
Their cakes are gorgeous-looking but some of them are overly syrupy and sweet for my taste. However, the Chocolate & Strawberry Cake is divine, rich but not overwhelmingly so, and with the right amount of sugar, so the chocolate flavour stands out. The Orange & Poppy Seed Tart is also great. However, I did not like the Pine Nuts and Apple Cake, which looks wonderful, but was sickly sweet, and the wonderful flavour of the apple was lost in an overwhelming mass of sugar and syrup.

Sayers has a name for their coffee. However, I am very picky with my coffee, and theirs is not among my favourites. It is good and well prepared, but their Five Senses mix is a bit weak and not especially flavoursome to me, and I need to order a long topped-up macchiato to get the flat-white I want. If you are into smooth coffees your will certainly like it. One thing that I love is that they do mugs, yes, actual mugs, because mugs are sexy. They also have a good selection of teas, which they serve in hyper-cute porcelain cups and teacups, which are very good, too.

The service at Sayers is quite fast despite the huge amount of patrons they attend to every day; many times the staff run, literally, all over the place. The staff are very friendly, courteous and smiley. If they are not too busy, they drop by to ask you how things are going and if you are happy with your dish. They are also very accommodating about any requests or adjustments you need.

Price is moderate for the quality of food you get.  If Sayers can do so, why are we being ripped off by most Perth restaurants?

They should allow payment at the end of your meal, and have one waiter to take orders from tables. At the moment, you have to pay in advance, and get up again and go to the counter to reorder anything else you want. It is not a bad system, it is that they could do better. 
- More self-service water areas could be easily placed in the alley and backyard.
- More magazines and newspapers would be much appreciated.
- Sometimes, food, drinks and bread arrive at different times. That is a problem for dishes that have bread as part of them. Shouldn't be better serving both things together?
- They need to make sure that any change in ingredients in the printed menu is mentioned upfront to patrons, or the menu changed before they change.
- Their toilets need an overhaul. Not bad, but not good either.

+ They do take-aways!
+ They do cater!
+ You can book by phone weekdays! 

Location: 8/10
Layout: 8.5/10
Ambience 8.5/10
Food: 9/10
Coffee: 6.5/10
Service: 8/10
Pricing: 7/10


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