Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Source Foods Café (Perth WA)

289 Beaufort St
Perth Western Australia 6000
(08) 6468 7100

    Mon-Thu - 7:30 - 15:00
    Fri - 7:30 - 21:30
    Sat-Sun - 8:30 - 16:00

Source Foods Cafe on Urbanspoon Source foods is a nice simple café located at the corner between Brisbane and Beaufort St, which offers burgers, salads and simple dishes made using fresh produce. They have an emphasis on vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic, and free range food, and affordability. 

The café is very simple and small, cozy and welcoming, very quiet, and seems to attract a varied group of quiet interesting people. The place being so small, it is never crowded. Despite the austerity and 1970s vibe, the place has cute decoration elements, and the ambience is luminous and relaxed with a nice background music. They have some of the nicest cutest blackboards in town, painted by one of the lovely waitresses. Their toilets are simple but clean. 

They have a good selection of burgers (normal, gluten free and vegan), salads, tarts and other simple dishes cooked in the premises. They have a Burger night on Fridays with more than ten different burgers starting from 5.30pm.

Everything I have tried at Source -salads, burgers and sweets- is good in taste and portion size. The  problem I have with their burgers is that they are too big, or better said, the bun is too small to contain all the stuff between its two halves, so it is practically impossible to eat a burger as it should be - with your bare hands without the food slipping out of it. If you have a big mouth and the burger fits in, well, good on you!

They have a small cabinet with sweets, but they do not bake on weekends, so you are going to find what is left over from the week (or so I am been told by the waitress), which is sometimes a poor meagre selection of sweets. I tried the brown rum balls, and they tasted really nice, but were very dry.  

Source uses prepares a decent coffee using Antz inya Pantz coffee, a brand that imports the beans and roasts them locally, so they are delivered to the shop in 48 hours. This means that no flavour is lost in the process and the coffee is really fresh. That sounds good. However, the beans are not especially flavoursome or strong if you are into Italian coffees or full-body strong coffee; however, their coffee is perfect for people who like light very smooth coffees with a chocolate-ish sort of taste. If you do not want the ants walking on your tongue, Source's Elmstock teas, smoothies and fresh juices are a great alternative.

The staff are terrific - a very approachable chatty friendly genuine group of people. They do not have the hype factor, and focus on doing their job and being themselves without any pose or pretence. Re-Source-full people.

+ They have to figure out the way to have an awesome full burger that can be handled manually. Perhaps they need a bigger pattie, or put less stuff inside :O.

+ Guys, do not over-grill the chicken because it rests juiciness and tenderness to the salads. 

+ They would make a favour to themselves if they baked some desserts in advance for the weekend. Otherwise, it would be great having some easy-to-make-in-the-morning sweets that you serve during the day. Like cream caramel, rice pudding or whatever you want.

+ They are serving coffee now from 6am during weekdays.

+ They cater for private functions.

+ They have regular food and coffee specials and offers. Check their website and facebook site to get them.

Source Café is one of those unpretentious places that caters for people who like healthy food, good portions, decent prices, a chilled relaxed atmosphere and terrific service sans le hype. My kind of place. 

Location: 6/10
Layout: 6.5/10
Ambience 6.5/10
Food: 7/10

Coffee: 6.5/10
Service: 9/10
Pricing: 8/10


Ben Morris said...

Hi there everyone.
Cheers for the honest and humbling review. We sincerely appreciate all of the feedback and aim to constantly improve our cafe.
Just a note that we do in fact offer freshly baked sweets on the weekend.
Our organic baker Abhi delivers fresh breads, croissants, escargots and friends each Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am. Also, if our chef's are under the pump with busy weekend trade and simply cannot bake sweets, we tend to utilise our local baker Lawleys to fill the cabinet with fresh muffins, bagels and caramel slice.
All in all, you will definitely find fresh baked goods on the weekend.
Cheers and and I hope you don't mind the update via your comments feed.
(Owner, Source Foods).

Teo Degas said...

Hi Ben
One of your waitresses told me that, so I am not making it up. In fact, you are confirming that explicitly, i.e. that you do not bake or cook sweets during the weekends if you are busy. Your words.

You say that in those cases you have Lawley's things instead. Well, I can go to Lawleys or any supermarket selling Lawleys stuff and buy that stuff myself. Do you know what I am saying?

I expect a cafe, like yours, with your food philosophy, to provide customers with organic, gluten free vegan and normal staff cooked/prepared in the premises. Otherwise, you are doing the same as other cafes without any food philosophy are doing.

What is more, the times I have visited during the weekends, at around lunch, the cabinet is almost empty of any sweets. My experience.

It would be worth it trying a menu of a few desserts that you bake in advance for the weekend. I am convinced that is something that you can easily improve :).

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