Thursday, 25 October 2012

Utopia Bubble Tea (Perth WA)

71 Barrack St
Perth Western Australia 6000
0430 886 066
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Utopia Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon The place is very functional, clean, cool, and open, perfect for both takeaways and hanging around with mates. It is always full of young Asian people from overseas, especially Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese, which make me want to enter any place because they are  very cool.

Utopia has  a huge range of bubble tea (milked or not), crushed ice concoctions, smoothies and even Lavazza coffee.
The taro milk tea is great, made using fresh taro (not taro paste) -or so I was told- and the taste of the tea is there, present, not hidden by anything. Sweet but just a bit, enough to make the flavours come and wander around your palate. Other flavoured teas I have tried, quite a few, are consistently good. My favourites so far being the mango green milk tea and the coconut milk tea. The only one I find too sweet is the newly added Oolong Cheese Latte.

Some of the sago balls they use are humongous, and very chewy-gummy. I love them, but they can overwhelm some people. If that is your case, go for the jelly or other extras, which are equally yummy but smaller. Their selections of toppings varied in shapes, textures and sizes, so, suit yourself. They have some little tubes with some samples on the counter, so you can see for yourself what they area, and how they look like.
Their sweet cabinets and shelves are really eye-catching even if you are not into sweets, with a beautiful selection of cakes, cake slices, pastries, cookies, and sweet and savoury buns. The pieces I have tried so far (hazelnut chocolate -my fav-, Tiramisu cup, egg tart and Pineapple cake)  are good, although they have different degrees of sweetness. A bit expensive for the sizing, but very fresh, good-looking and well-packaged. On the other hand, they seem to be mass produced; forgive me if I am wrong.

Their big cakes are stunning-looking, but again their prices are quite high. There are at least two Asian-style bakeries in Perth CBD hat bake daily and offer good quality beautiful whole cakes at cheaper prices. Ditto re the buns. They are not part of any chain. So I would go to those to cater for your big cake needs. Still the ones here are so eye-candy!

Service is fast and friendly - consistently. Day after day. Always with a smile. I love their wall of wishes, which is in tune with the Buddhist tradition you see in temples around South East Asia. They also have charity programs and donations, specials, free top-ups or size upgrades throughout the year, and new seasonal products are regularly added to the menu. They are really good at marketing what they sell, and do well at attracting and keeping their customers. That is what I call a dynamic approach to sale. That explains why the place is always busy and customers are happy.

Awkwardly enough, I do not have much negative to say, beyond what I have said about the cakes, which is not negative at all. I am getting too soft? :O.

Summer is coming, so pop up at Utopia and bubble around a bit.


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