Friday, 7 September 2012

Flipside Burger Bar (Northbridge, Perth WA)

222 William St
Northbridge Western Australia 6000

9228 8822
    Tue-Sun 11:30am til late.

Flipside Burger Bar Northbridge on Urbanspoon THE PLACE - Centrally located in William St, just steps away from the Culture Centre, Flipside Northbridge has a small, simple and  luminous shop, with three seating areas: a few communal/group tables, a long decked table facing the wall and a three-seat table facing the street. I love this one, which is perfect for people watching if you are on your own, On the other hand, who is watching whom? You are being watched, too!  I love their bulb lamps and the background music they have! On a more practical level, you can see the guys cooking the burgers, so nothing is hidden and everything looks clean and properly managed. 

If the place is full, it can be noisy even loud, especially when there are  boisterous men - the "Me-Tarzan-eating-Burger" species. Other days, though, the place is very quiet at lunch, and more enjoyable if you are with your partner or eating alone. If you want a quite place and having a romantic affair with your burger, take it away. 

THE FOOD - I am sure that you, like me, have a sensual relationship with your burgers. To me, for them to be fully enjoyable, they have to be nicely sized (yes, size does matter), tender, juicy, tasty, easy to bite and masticate, and manageable with my hands without the thing falling apart or stuff flipping out after the first touch. If this is so, you can do what any burger lover does when facing a good burger - look at it in love  and eat it with an expression of unbeatable happiness. You are with me, right? Well, I had just that experience the first day I visited Flipside Northbridge, and, to the date, remains my best experience at Flipside.

This is not a place for fussy eaters, so you get a burger on a plate without any adornment - simple god big burgers. You can adorn them with a bucket of chips :O. They have gluten free rolls, though (paid as an extra).

Their Garden Party Veggie burger is light but flavoursome, very fresh ingredients, and with a delicious fluffy bun and chickpea patty, and I did not feel heavy despite its size. The best one I have eaten at Flipside regarding preparation, textures and assemblage.

Their hot beef burger is my favourite in flavour, despite its simplicity, because the chilly sauce/jam they use is really full of flavour, but not overwhelming in hotness. A hottie!

The classic burger is simple but nice, and not heavy on your stomach, but, for whatever reason the meat patty was a bit on the small size and the cheese unnoticeable...The mini-flip is decently sized for a snack and perfect for a light lunch if you add some chips.

Their chips are thick and crunchy. Simple but nice.

Your burger can take a while to be prepared, even if they are not full. On the other hand, this is a guarantee that the food is being prepared in the way it should be and not rushed out.

The staff taking your orders and the waitress are really friendly and smiley, and eager to please.

- They use iceberg lettuce in many of their burgers, which is very crunchy but not tasteless, so I would replace it with a more flavoursome variety of lettuce.  

- I would provide customers with a small knife -Just Burgers's style- to half their burger if they want.

- The cooking and assembling staff changes from day to day at lunch (I guess also for dinner), and you will soon notice that the burgers are some days better assembled and prepared than others, and  the patty can be on the small side (as in the photo). 

-  Their chicken burgers are, like in other Perth burgers bars, a fillet, not a burger. Me like burger chick, no fillet chick.

- The long walled table facing the wall is not very inviting. Nobody wants to eat looking at a beautifully empty white wall. 

Flipside Northbridge is becoming increasingly popular due to its killer location, the friendliness of the staff, and because, really, who does not like a burger? Still, the burgers are simpler and less tasty than at Grill'd, to which the place reminisces the most in burger philosophy. Their burgers are good-sized, good-prized, very fresh, juicy, easy to eat and move with your hands, and some of them really nice. To be honest, these are the sort of burgers that anybody could prepare at home, which is kind of  cool if you are out and feel like eating decently-prepared food. 

Location 9
Layout 6
Ambience 6
Food 6.7
Drinks 6
Service 7


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