Saturday, 11 August 2012

Seoul BBQ Café (Perth WA) - CLOSED

Shop 2/ 166 Murray St
Forrest Chase
Perth Western Australia 6000
(08) 9221 1862

Seoul BBQ Cafe on Urbanspoon This open Korean barbecue café kiosk is occupying part of Forrest Chase's back corridors, and located in front of Crazy Clark's. There is a little kiosk with the counter and bbq kitchen, while the tables are spread by the wall and along the corridor. There is no waiter; so, once you pay, you get a number and wait for it to be called to go and collect your tray. 

Their meals include the most common Korean fast food specialities:  bibimpap  (bowl with a mix of rice, meat, an egg, some salad, and the very Korean sour cabbage Kimchi); Korean fried chicken ("karaage"), spicy barbecued squid and meats, grilled meat dishes ("bulgogi") etc.. The dishes are tasty, generous in size, and a decent quality for the price you pay. 

A set meal includes the main (tray with rice plus the meat/fish of your selection), plus three small sides (salad, miso soup, and bean sprouts). You can always order individual portions of marinated food, dumplings, or a bibimpap menu (with the rice bowl, miso soup and the chilli paste on the side just if you prefer to adjust the hotness to your palate yourself).

Average price is about 10 bucks, all menus below 15 bucks per meal.

The service is fast, even when the place is flooded with customers, which is most days at lunch time. They clean the place quite fast, and it is very clean and tidy despite the continuous movement of people. The staff are matter of fact, still very friendly and ready to help and explain anything to you.

The two main downs of the place are that they open just for dinner on Fridays, and that the seating area id in the open and, therefore, affected by the changes in temperature and pigeons occasionally wander around. 

This is not a glamorous gourmet place, but they deliver simple tasty Korean food cooked by Koreans at bargain prices in the heart of the city. Most recommended for fast lunches that are consistently good.

This place has closed down.


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