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Plenty Thai Restaurant (Perth WA)

Shop 15, Shafto Lane
Perth WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9481 0090 
Lunch  11am-3pm weekdays, 1pm-5pm Sat
Dinner 5pm-9pm Mo to We + Sat, 5pm-10pm Thu and Fri

Plenty Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon Plenty Thai Restaurant is
located in the lovely Shafto's lane, one of most vibrant charming areas in the CBD, and serves authentic Thai and Asian Fusion food. There are plenty of reasons to visit Plenty!

THE PLACE - The place is spotless clean, luminous and pleasant despite its functionality. It has many lovely decoration details, like the cute test-tube flower vases, the nice lamps, and the little Miró-ish floating thingy. The serving area is clean and well presented, as well as the self-service water area. Plenty is very popular with corporate crowds, mostly (nicely-dressed young) men, but also with young Asian students. Plenty offers take-away service and pre-order take-away by phone and email.  

THE FOOD - They claim their dishes to be authentic Thai and they look like! This is not sophisticated Thai, but home-style and street-stalls Thai food, and it looks and tastes great. The dishes are very spicy and hot, as real Thai food should be, and the serving generous, so you will not leave hungry. The food trays are constantly replaced, and the food is really fresh. Just the colour, appearance and taste of it will tell you that. 

 Beyond the traditional finger food, they have green and red curries, pad dishes (Pad Thai included), spicy soups (Tom Yum included), stir-fry dishes, minced meat and green papaya salads, and a small selection of packaged Thai sweets displayed beside the water jars, with a mix of mini-muffins, fried nibbles, bean-paste sweets, among other things. 

PRICING - Prices are fantastic. Lunch combos are 7-8.5$, and la carte dishes go from 5 to 14$, while dinner dishes go from 5 to 17$. The packed sweets are 6 bucks per tray. You pay the same you would be paying in a food court, but the quality and variety of food is ten times better. It is is exciting finding a business that does provide good food at bargain prices without compromising quality!  

THE SERVICE - The service is friendly and both the business and the staff are eager to serve and satisfy any of your requests. 
  • They have an interesting selection of readings on the solo dining walled table, a Thai street food book included!
  • They do have tap water jars, but they use a "Brita" jar to filter it (I saw them refilling it). 
  • Sometimes, the staff fills in the water glasses of the clients, all over the place, which is something rarely found in Perth restaurants unless we are in a posh one. 
  • Sometimes they approach you and ask you how is everything, if you like it, if things are too spicy for you, and so on. 
1/ Their green blackboard is difficult to read, as green is never a good background for coloured inks. They should use a black pen to allow the writing to be readable.

2/ The walled table is not very appealing as it faces the wall and it is very narrow. It would be great having the big tables in the middle of the room replaced with smaller ones, which could be joined for groups. A good deal of visitors are, indeed, solo visitors and pairs/couples.

The food is very spicy and hot, so if you do have a problem with chillies and spicy food, abstain. On the other had, if you like Thai food you know that Thai food is originally spicy and hot.
Plenty is great value for money, has a great location, good tasty food at terrific prices, and a pleasant dining area. They do not pretend to be anything, just deliver what they promise.  

Location: 9/10
Layout: 6/10
Ambience 6/10
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Pricing: 9/10

 Moo K.
Teo Degas
Thanks for your review and suggestions. We did rearrange tables and it worked well. If you come by you will see new signs in graphic prints. Also we plan to do some change to high counter which does not work functionally especially for dinner. Thanks again for your kind support.

Thanks a lot to you for taking the tame to reply. I visited two weeks ago, and it was great. I love your food!


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