Saturday, 21 July 2012

Zambrero (Mt Lawley, Perth WA)

625 Beaufort St
Mt Lawley Western Australia 6050
(08) 6161 9436

    Mon-Sun 11:00 - 21:00

Zambrero Fresh Mex Grill on Urbanspoon Not every place selling burritos should be called Mexican, especially Zambrero. This could be called SubwayMex, as both Subway and Zambrero are similar in concept, preparation methods and service.


- Zambrero has a spot on location on Beaufort Street, and has a semi-open seating area that allows you to focus on the street or just on your food at the central canteen table or the long one facing the wall.
- The food looks and tastes fresh, which is specially important if most of what you put in your meal is salad and veggies.
- Big is big here! So your burrito will appease the monster in your stomach.
- The prices are cheap.
- Service is terrific: the girls are delightful and will attend to you fast and with genuine friendliness.
- Their black board on the footpath always has funny sayings an jokes.

- My chicken burrito was indeed a chicken and rice sort of Indian burrito, which ruined the whole experience, as it was overcooked and did not taste good, and tasted Indian-ish not Mexican-ish.

- So many things put in a burrito and the taste is just OK.
- The tortillas are a bit not tortillas, but wraps...
- The burritos are not burritos but Mexican inspired wraps. They are ugly looking and I did not feel like taking my mobile out for a picture.
- Go to Zambrero  knowing that this is not a Mexican place and you won't be eating Mexican food.

- Ask for a burrito whose meat is just grilled or roasted.
- Avoid the cheese, because is the usual cheap cheese that you find in any fast food chain, which can ruin any dish.
- Avoid the sauces, and ask for an extra dollop of sour cream instead.

- This is a perfect place for food emergencies: you are super-hungry, you want to eat right now, and don't want to spend much money, and want to leave full.

I might come back :O 

Free guacamole this week with any dish to celebrate the change in their menu.


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