Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Milk and Honey (Perth WA)

82 James St
Northbridge Western Australia 6003
(08) 9227 0500
    Mon-Fri 6:00 - 16:00
    Sat-Sun 8:00 - 15:00

Milk and Honey on Urbanspoon THE FOOD - When Milk and Honey opened in James Street a few years ago, it was like a breath of fresh air in the food scene in Northbridge. They were a contemporary café with terrific coffee and great fresh food and an ever changing menu. It was the talk of the whole CBD. One of the best risottos I have ever eaten in WA was indeed prepared here in one of the first months of life of the café. However, the cook/s, cooking practices, or perhaps just the management and the polices of the place, have changed with time. The food and coffee are not what they used to be, and the gourmet flare they used to have is no longer there.

Still, Honey and Milk is one of those eateries that you choose when you want good comfort good - simple fresh fish, meat, pasta or soup meals, that are flavoursome and good-sized, cooked on site, decently prepared, and good value for money.  They have a good range of breakfast menus, a set lunch menu that changes frequently and a pasta and soup of the day. They have the usual pre-prepared salads, pannini and rolls, which are the same sort of thing you find elsewhere and  for which I would not come here.

I usually go there for my carb fix, and the pasta of the day is always very tasty and almost al dente - delicious at times. With the lasagna have had good and bad experiences in the past: from yummy to bad and everything in between.

THE COFFEE - Their coffee uses Five Senses beans, and it used to be among my favourite coffees in the CBD. The coffee is still well prepared, creamy and consistent, but part of the flavour is missing and the coffee is definitely weaker than used to be. Have they changed beans or just their roasting?

THE SERVICE - The service is quite fast, and matter of fact, although varies from person to person - some of them are quite friendly and attentive, and others are not.  

THE PLACE - The place is very luminous, modern functional, with a comfy cushioned area by the wall. The foldable doors are open when the good weather arrives, and the place is really nice - open but still cool. There is a small seating area on the footpath, too. They have tons of daily newspapers for you to browse around (a fact that I always love in any restaurant), a self-service cute fountain with hot and cold water, and extra napkins at hand in case you need them ( I usually do).  They attract an heterogeneous bunch of people of all ages, styles and professions.

At Milk and Honey, they do not pretend to be trendy because their hype waned long time ago, so the prices are not inflated. There is a relaxed casual atmosphere, which is very enjoyable, as well as the food. Do not expect too much, and you might be surprised. 

Location 7/10
Layout 6.5/10
Ambience 6.5/10
Coffee 7/10
Food 7/10 
Prizing 7.5/10
Service 5/7 (varies)


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