Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Love Thy Neighbour (Perth WA) - CLOSED

7/189 William St
Northbridge Western Australia 6003

(08) 9123 1234
    Mon - Fri:  6:30 am  -  5:00 pm
    Sat: 7:30 am -  3:00 pm


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Love Thy Neighbour - what a wonderful name for a café. 

The place is occupying Urbanistar's former location, but the area has been revamped and turned into one of the coolest cafés in the CBD.  It is semi-hidden, at the bottom end of the 189 Arcade, facing the car park, still on William St and beside the arty Williams Lane.

LTN is a small open café with a funky intimate ambience - funky classy, mind you. Their wall is fully covered by a wonderful mesmerising mural by Two One Elephant. The seating area is really classy and cool, with very comfy cushioned stools and low tables, plus a long walled table. As the front of the café is the car park, you really need to forget it, so the mural does it for me, as it envelopes your senses, and sucks you into a world of magic. Car park? Where? The sugar bottles and jam and butter jars are so very cute. 

Tobi State's beans are not my favourite coffee beans as my taste buds are buddies with stronger and more flavoursome beans. However, the coffee at LTN is creamy and consistently good, a happy medium. If you are into smooth coffees and special settings this is your place. If you like stronger coffee, order yours without sugar.

I haven't tried their food, except for their little brownies, which are very rich in chocolate and very nice. Keep in mind some of their food options (bagels, jaffles, Turkish rolls and cakes) as they  for a light meal or brunch, and good priced.

There are so many cafés in the CBD, that it is difficult to choose one. Still, LTN has two things that bring me back to any place, a decent coffee and a terrific service. The guys attending to the café are very friendly, chill-out and eager to please, call you by your name, and have that warmth lovable attitude that you find in recently-opened businesses. It is like having a new boyfriend, all soft kisses and hugs. They are spreading the love, and so do I. All you need is love plus a coffee. Go and grab yours at LTN.

Just a wish - The "magic door" is quite high, so it would be great having one of those wooden steps stools that old shops used to have, so we can step up and be at the baristas' level without having to use our Alice in Wonderland's cookies. Nobody likes being looked down. ;O


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