Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zucca Espresso (Murray St, Perth WA)

267 Murray Street Mall
Inside the Java Juice Bar
Perth Western Australia 6000

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Zucca Espresso spread its wings from its well-known spot on St George's Terrace about two months ago, and settled a little humble corner inside the Java Juice Bar in Murray St. Engulfed by the bright colours, yummy smells, and hecticness of the latter, you might have passed it without noticing it, as two humble blackboards and a wall flat sign are the only indication that the café is at the bottom end of the shop.

I feel tempted to say that Zucca has the best coffee in the CBD. Coffee taste is always a matter of fancy and never a mathematical equation, so, to be safe, I  will say that Zucca has my favourite coffee in the CBD, which, coming from me, is a rare statement,  because I have just a few places in the city that make my taste buds feel really excited about the coffee they are sipping. Moreover, they have three cup sizes, XL included, and XL coffee makes me always happy. 

The coffee is made with Di Bella beans, and is strong without being overpowering, smooth in texture, creamy, the right consistency, and is full of flavour; you will need a bit of sugar or sweetener. It is a coffee that will satisfy the fancy whimsical wishes of any coffee lover who wants his-her coffee to taste of coffee, and his coffee to taste as good as smells. Hallelujah!

The place being so small, has a very limited food offer, reduced to some breakfast fruit breads and muffins, which I have not tried.

The service is matter of fact, still friendly.

This place is mostly for take-away, but, Oh Gosh, what a take-away. If you want to seat, you can use Java Juice's alfresco area or the long table and stools by the wall. It is a real pity that they have not opened a proper café, having such a great coffee. 

They have a loyalty card system. 

The XL cup has just two and a half shots of coffee; therefore, the taste is more milky and the coffee not as good as the medium size, which has two shots of coffee. Pity, because the missing half a shot makes a whole difference. Stick to their regular coffee to enjoy the full flavour of the beans.

UPDATE 31/08/2012
The Romance is over - Sigh.

I often go to Zucca Espresso in the Murray Mall during my lunch break, despite being out of my way, to get a nice cup of flavoursome coffee.

Today I got one of those flat-white "weakies" that really annoy me. Two shots (2?) of coffee, half sweetener sachet, and the coffee's taste was missing. On the contrary, the milk taste was quite distinct.

The beans are still the same, so how can we explain a coffee going from flavoursome and strong to weak and average in flavour in a matter of three months? To be honest, I am not sure if the shots are a bit short these days, or the lack of a proper good barista it is causing the change in flavour, as the barista finishes at noon and your coffee is prepared by the girl who happens to be free when you place your order at the Java Juice Bar.

Fact - The taste of my coffee at Zucca changes dramatically depending on the person operating the coffee machine, and the taste goes up and down depending on the days. That is not good enough.
A good barista makes the heck of difference - Same beans, different barista, different coffee taste. Tested and retested by me everywhere. So please, have one full time there!

Zucca was my fav coffee in the city, but now seats in the middle with many others. I guess it is time to move on to one of the new cafés that are popping up in the CBD like Mushrooms.

Still, it is disappointing. Like a broken marriage. Sigh



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