Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Grill'd Mount Lawley (Mount Lawley, Perth WA)

669 Beaufort Street
Mt Lawley 6050
Ph: 9271 9444
   Mo-Su: 11AM - 10PM

Grill'd Mount Lawley on Urbanspoon Grill'd Mount Lawley is one of those restaurants that succeeds because does things well and keeps it simple. It offers five things that guarantee success once the hype of a new business wanes out: good food, good sizing, good service, good location, and a nice ambience suitable to all sorts of people.

The location is fantastic, with enclosed and balcony areas, very welcoming and spacious, in the heart of Mt Lawley. Seat there and let the world pass by.

The selection of burgers is very good, with a variety of beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian patties, plus steak sandwiches and salads. They have gluten-free buns, too. The chicken burgers, well, they are not burgers to me, as to be a burger the meat has to be minced and in a patty. It it has a fillet and not a patty, it is not a burger - simple! 

I have tried some of their fancy beef burgers in the past, but now I go directly for the Simple Grill'd without cheese, which is a simple burger delicious in its simplicity, filling but not heavy on your stomach. I love their fries, both in serving sizes, cut, crunchiness, and that mix of rosemary and salt that makes them taste so delicious on their own. The size of the burgers is great, even the smallest one will leave you satisfied, and I eat a lot!

If you have any concerns with the preparation of your food, no problem, seat in front of their assembling area and see how they do it. It is also, how to put it?, entertaining!

The service is very good. I have rarely found a nosey-posey guy/gal, no matter how cool or funky they look. They are a bunch of friendly hard-working chaps, and very accommodating about anything.

The visitors are, uhmmm, mostly men, lots of families during the weekends, and burger lovers in general.

They certainly could improve their plating and sides, but Grill'd serves burgers in its wonderful original rusticity and primitive awesomeness.

They have free Wi-fi.

Location: 8.5
Layout: 7
Ambience: 7
Pricing: 8
Food: 8
Service: 9


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