Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Burger Bistro (CBD, Perth WA) - CLOSED

Shop 16, Shafto Lane
872-884 Hay St
Perth, Western Australia
(08) 9485 1729
    Mon-Thu 11:00 - 21:00
    Fri 11:00 - 21:30

The Burger Bistro on Urbanspoon There is a lot of meat love going on around the Burger Bistro at Shafto Lane. You mention the place and somebody you know is going to get excited - for you. On the other hand, Burger Bistro sounds like the wholeymolley of burger royalty, no?
In that state of excitement I got to the Burger Bistro, so my expectations were very high.

LOCATION - The Burger Bistro is located in the wonderful Shafto Lane, in the heart of the city, an alley with special atmosphere that puts you in the mood for eating or drinking anything, really. The bistro itself is a small functional place, very minimal in decor, clean lines, and a very comfortable seating area both inside and outside. They have big windows to the alley and the place has a wonderful warm light on sunny days, which really transforms the atmosphere of the indoors area for good. 

THE FOOD - They have a wide range of gourmet beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers. The quality and freshness of the ingredients is undeniable, as they use Mt Baker chicken, Certified Angus Beef and New Norcia buns. Everything looks fresh, is fresh, is popping colourful (if that can be said!), and tastes good. I ordered the gourmet New Yorker, and it was very tasty. Their fries are cheap and the serving generous. Their selection of drinks is also varied and different, not just the usual Coke.

THE SERVICE - The service is very fast and friendly, especially by the girl behind the counter, who was delightful to everybody despite the hordes of burgers hunters and group gatherers arriving when I visited. The place attracts a varied group of burger lovers from all ages and styles, a lot of groups of young people. Eaters at the BB are very excited about their food, and can be very noisy, in a joyful way.

DOWNS OF THE PLACE - The first down of the place is, mostly, how difficult is to eat their burgers. One of the joys of eating a burger with your hands is that everything is manageable, tender, juicy, easy to bite and masticate, easy to to put up and down on the plate. Obvious, no? Well, I found impossible to do so with my burger. The bun is too hard and chewy, the patty was too hard and dry. What is more, I had difficulties halving my burger with a normal knife, so my plate was a bit messy before I had even started eating. Moreover, the size of the buns is a bit small, so the insides can easily slip out, and there we have more mess, Oh dear, I am Lady Messy. I love New Norcia breads, but I don't like my burgers with these buns, sorry. They should tenderise their meat patties, too. Papaya powder makes wonders. 

The second down, shared with any other Perth "burgerseries", is the chicken burgers. Can somebody explain to me why we can't have a chicken burger that has a burger patty instead of a fillet? 

If you visit The Burger Bistro without expectations, you will certainly enjoy your experience and meal much more. The place is located in one of the prettiest areas in the city, the burgers are tasty, good quality and satisfying, but their burgers are hard and difficult to eat.  They aren't the best burgers in town, that is for sure. A happy medium.

Layout: 6
Ambience: 6.5
Pricing: 7
Service: 7.5
Food: 7


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