Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Yuzu Kaiten Sushi (Mount Lawley, Perth WA)

YUZU Kaiten Sushi on Urbanspoon Shop 11, 649 Beaufort St
Mt Lawley Western Australia 6050
(08) 9227 1880
  Tue-Fri 11:30-14:00 and 17:00-21:30
  Sat-Sun 11:30-14:30 and 17:30-21:30


Semi-hidden and squeezed up by The fish & chips shop and Fresh Provisions in Mount Lawley, Yuzu Kaiten Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant that delivers at all fronts.

The place is tiny, but the space so well organised and taken advantage of that it looks and feels much bigger than actually is. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with a stylish mix of green and black colours and jazz music playing all day long.

The food is fresh, good, varied, tasty and good-priced. The train offers a mix of sushi (maki and gunken), sashimi, fried food, and carpaccio dishes of different prices, with the usual pieces that you find in other train restaurants in Perth. You can order a bento set if you prefer, or order the more expensive dishes from their a-la-carte menu.

They have lunch specials: bento trays for 9.50$ (choose 1 main. 3 sides and a sauce of your selection), or a burger combo for 13.50$ consisting of the burger (chicken katsu, chicken teriyaki, or prawn katsu) with sweet potato fries plus a drink of your selection. The burger meals are delicious.

The selection of soft drinks is OK. It makes me always happy finding unsweetened O Cha green tea, which goes well with everything if you don't want the usual hot green tea or sweetened flavoured teas.

The service is terrific, with a super-friendly all over cashier-waitress taking care of anything you need.

The place attracts mostly quiet people, wanting to enjoy their meal alone or with another person. It is not good for groups, and that is always a blessing, to me. A good deal of visitors are also "take-away-yees".

My main criticism to the place is the abuse in the use of  mayonnaise and spiced mayo. Please, let customers decide whether we want mayo or not, and in which quantity. They got it right with their fried food, as a dollop is put on the plate, but some of the maki rolls and sashimi pieces have it on; it looks, uhmmm?, decorative?, but it is a bit, uhmmm? invasive? My suggestion: have an artistically-set dollop of mayo on the plate, instead of on the food and everybody will be happy.

I love the place, and the fact that is never crowded or empty. The reason might the its odd location and the lack of visible sign anywhere around. A blessing in disguise because you want your quiet good sushi place to be your little secret forever. Amen.


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