Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WTF Foodie Moment 6: Tough guys

--> I am having my lunch break.

-->  A bunch of tough-looking long-bearded guys arrive. They look tough. They look like a new wave of breaded bikies with a sprinkle of poshness.

--> They order.

--> They go outside.

(I am sure they are going to order something tough, something macho or at least manly, a long macch, a black coffee without sugar, something acid and caustic, meaty.)

--> Their order arrives... A green coloured organic juice.


(WHERE? Babooshka Cafe, Northbridge)

WTF Foodie Moment 5: Morcilla Breaky

--> I am seating on a sunny Sunday, at one of my fav cafes. I have ordered the Morcilla Breaky.
--> A couple arrives and seats next table. Their table is separated five centimetres (literally) from mine.

--> My meal arrives. It looks Yum! I start eating. It tastes yummy.
--> He looks at me (meaning my morcilla breaky) mesmerized. Staring.
> (He tells her) it looks great, isn't it?
< (She tells him) Yes, you should order it.
--> (I keep munching)

--> (He keeps looking at me and/or my morcilla, or both. He does so several times).
--> (The friend they were waiting finally arrives and joins the party, and the waitress approaches their table)
> What are you having, guys?
< What is she having? ("she" is me! at barely 5 cms.)

--> (The whole table plus the confused waitress look at me. The waitress is lost for a moment as my breakfast is almost finished).

>> (I reply) The morcilla breaky....

--> (They ignore me. No Thank yous. They are too, how to put it... rude? obnoxious? What about the constant staring? What about talking about me and my morcilla as if we were mere projections on a screen and I was not there? What about learning to communicate using their vocal cords instead of their eyes and asking me directly from the very beginning?) 

--> What is wrong with you, WTF people?!

(WHERE? Cantina 663, Mt Lawley)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Roe St Bus Station (Perth WA, Australia)

The Roe St Bus Station opened in January 2014 as a funny spin-off of the Wellington St Station, while the underground internationally designed station is being built. We will have this station operational for at least for two years, as the works are scheduled to finish in 2016

Located in a fantastic location on Roe St, this station services the bus lines tending to Perth's northern suburbs. What I love the most about it is how easy is to access the heart of the city from here: Train Station, William St, Forrest Place, Wellington St.

The place is more a jump on-jump off sort of place. There are a few information poles, a few covered seating benches, an information booth, and, surprise!, the buses. It is very Spartan, still functional with 12 bus stands, two of them devoted to replacement buses when any of the train lines stops. 

I don't understand why they have left one of the sides of the station almost bare of seating benches. Even if they are costly, they can be recycled afterwards. Just saying. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mini Wonderlane (Claremont WA, Australia)

Shop 5, Old Theatre Lane
50 Bayview Terrace
 Claremont WA 6010
 Phone: 0433 194 718

Not even a month old, this extra-cute children pop-up shop is in  the lovely Old Theatre Lane. It does look like a posh children shop, though!

They have wonderful handmade clothing, toys and accessories by local artists and designers (Little Alannah May, Teesh, Bunting By Design, Harper + Monroe,  Kleinemouse Handmade, Diva Dolls by Beck, Stylish Monkeys, Chucklebug,  Petals and Pixies). All of their material, the girl dresses especially are just wonderfully colourful.

I loved the fabric dolls, so very retro etsy-like style.

Unlike branded clothing for children, these ones are affordable, going from cheap to a bit pricey, the dolls being pricey (about 50 bucks). Not  cheap, but you know you are buying hand-made in Western Australia, that is not a multinational selling the stuff you find everywhere.

Trowbridge Gallery (Claremont WA, Australia)

Trowbridge Gallery
52F Old Theatre Lane
Claremont WA 6010
Phone:  (08) 9384 4814

This is a multi-wow business and we have it in WA!

Located at the bottom end of the charming Old Theatre Lane, I entered because I love big balls, world globes I mean :). It turns out that they have the largest collection of world globes for sale in Australia.

The place is nicely crowded and set, like an harmonic sort of no-chaotic chaos, unpretentious and luminous, and it doesn't look like an antiques place at all. It doesn't smell like an antiques shop either (that is good!). They have a framing service at the usual Perth prices, and they take about a week to frame your things, unless, of course, they've ran out the material you want.

However, the wows will come from your mouth mostly because of the material they have for sale and on display. Imagine going to the WA Museum and being able to buy what is on the walls. But you can't, right? Well, if you are a Western Australian and want a piece of Western Australia's History, original pieces, and you have the money, come to this place. Framed lithographs, book illustrations with views of Western Australia (Perth, Albany, Bunbury, Fremantle, New Norcia) from the 18th century, and historical maps related to WA that go back to the 17th century. Originals!

Not enough "wowiness" for you? They also have children prints from famous Australian and European illustrators, medical prints from the early 19th Century, animal lithographs and prints from famous naturalists, and some Modern Art pieces that I didn't check out.

Prices for the historical material are over 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 bucks, up up, but if you have the money, you are getting an authentic piece of History. Be happy, the frame is included in the price! They probably have "cheapies", but all the pieces I checked were high-end.

The charming Scottish owner was lovely to tell me anything I wanted to know and see. Very laid back. You would expect a sort of posh haughty-nose person in a shop like this, but, on the contrary, he was very warm and helpful and OK with me just browsing around and making questions.

>> They have sporadic exhibitions in the shop.
>> Prices are clearly marked. Nothing hidden.

Old Theatre Lane (Claremont WA, Australia)

50 Bay View Terrace
Claremont WA 6010

Hidden at the end of Bay View Terrace, on the left hand side if you come from the train station, is this little gem of a shopping arcade. My favourite shopping lane in Perth.

This lane takes its name from the the Princess Theatre, a cinema that opened at the beginning of the 20th century, in the 1910s!. Lately transformed into the Claremont Picture Gardens cinemas, which closed down in 1964. Then, the place was sold and this arcade was born.
I love everything about this shopping arcade.  It is classy and sophisticated, clean, very European, quiet and full of tiny lovely local shops and cool people. The place has a special something, that energy that you find in certain places and that is difficult to describe. It has to do with the lighting, firstly, as it has a glassed ceiling that percolates the light into myriad rays of luminosity to infuse your visit with good vibes. Secondly, the several colourful geometric mosaics on the floor and the pretty hanging shops signs. Finally, it is the relaxed atmosphere in there.

The Old Theatre Lane reminds me a bit of London Court, but way more modern and organised, not touristy at all, and way cuter. Cute is the new hot!
Beyond the atmosphere, this little place has a terrific group of businesses on the ground level: an awesome barber, a women  hairdresser, a bookshop, an antiques shop, a travel agent, shoe shops for him and her, an optometry, accessories shops, bargain shop, kitchen shop, and even a café. The smaller second floor is occupied by more "serious" businesses: a dental centre, a tuition centre and a loan place, among others.

The lane continues on the right, into and ampler less-posh area, marked by the male brogues shoe shop at the corner.

Her Message (Claremont WA, Australia)

Shop 3, 50 Bayview Terrace
Old Theatre Lane
Claremont WA 6010
Phone: 0430 065 152

Located in the cute Old Theatre Lane, Her Message is a cute shop selling cute things by a cute lady. They specialise in cult-following shoe brands: the Brazilian brand  Zaxy's jelly shoes, and the Venezuelan brand "Chocolaticas" (Hot Chocolate Design). They are statement comfortable unique shoes. They also have some others flats and ballerina shoes that I like a lot. They also have children shoes, a few items of jewellery, canvas totes, and similar things.

Hot Chocolate Design shoes are canvas arty painted shoes. They are not only trendy, unique and beautiful, they are also super-comfortable to walk around and perfect for travelling without sacrificing style. Zaxy are wonderful summer silicone shoes, that look classy and elegant, utterly feminine, very comfortable and are water proof, also perfect for travelling and for the summer months.  

The lady behind the counter was wonderful, very attentive, helpful, and Keen to make business by offering me further discounts if buying more than one pair or just helping me to purchase. If they don't have your sizing or favourite style, they will take your phone number and SMS you when your pair size is in.

Prices were good for Perth and having into account that these are imported shoes. I found the jelly shoes cheaper than in other places, while the canvas ones are at the same prices you will find them at the Fremantle Markets.  

They receive new stock almost every month. So,  Her Message... is.... Come and visit me!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Regent Cakes (Northbridge, Perth WA)

 Shop 10, 45 Francis Street
Northbridge, WA 6003
Phone: 08 9227 8081
  Mon-Fri: 9:30am-6:00pm
  Sat-Sun: 10:00am-5:30pm
  Wed: Closed

Regent Cakes on Urbanspoon 

You have certainly passed many times by it and not noticed. It is by the Northbridge Post Office in Francis Street, tiny-winy place.

I am a fan of Regent Cakes because of the fluffiness of their sponges, the soft creaminess of their creams and mousses, their level of sweetness (not too sweet, right for me) and the ever-changing cakes slices. I hate iced cakes or icing in general, so I am happy to go to bakeries where I am the icing on the cake :)

I am not into their buns, but I have gone endless times to Regent Cakes for my lunch break to get my sweet fix, and they have always delivered in taste, freshness and variety. They have always new additions or variations on the same cake, which always makes me happy.

Sizing is perfect for me, something you can easily eat with your coffee or as a complement to your light lunch, and they are never heavy on your stomach.

They are not sophisticated upper end cakes, but simple, fresh tasty ones prepared on the spot every day. They also prepare tarts and big cakes on order.

Prices for the slices are ridiculously good, 3.80 bucks for a slice of cake is just fantastic, or perhaps dangerous for your curves. 

I have always had a terrific experience with the staff. They are super-friendly and so very lovely every time I visit.

I would like them to provide customers with plastic spoons, at least on request, as some cakes are a way tricky to eat without it, and my nose gets clowned by the cake's cream :)

Their day off is Wednesdays!

Claremont Train Station (Claremont, Perth WA)

This is a cute station, wooden, level ground, that makes me think of what train stations used to be and still are in small European towns.

The former station (nowadays just a train stop) is very functional and it has an information booth, a ticket machine, a newspaper machine, poles with the train timetable, an emergency phone, and an ample seating area. There are no electronic informative panels

The station has a retro feeling that I love, with a wonderful pedestrian overpass wooden bridge, surrounded by bedded plants and flowers, the old signal station (what I call "the tower", which can be visited -at least in the past- on weekends), as well as some of limestone buildings across the tracks, and some of the seating area.

The station is at a killer location, about 100 metres from Claremont's coffee strip and Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, and a few more paces from other nice shops and cafés in the area.

The access to the tracks is a bit long, unnecessarily so, as the shortest access has been fenced, and one can only enter by the picket fenced area now. On the other hand, this is a nicer entrance.

The only line stopping at Claremont is the Fremantle Line.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Choux Café Pâtisserie Française (Swanbourne, Perth WA)

93 Shenton Road  
Swanbourne, WA 6010
Phone: 08 9385 4227

 Choux Café Pâtisserie Française on Urbanspoon

Choux I love youx xxx

There is only one reason why I visit Swanbourne, and that is to go to Choux. I mean Choux is Swanbourne's Identity.

Just the short walk from the train station to the patisserie is lovely, almost initiatory, as it is short but sweet, the houses and gardens there seem always so flourished and green, and the area is just peaceful  and birdy.

Arriving at Choux is like landing on planet Uranus from Earth. Were am I? The cute tiny wonderful cafe and patisserie looks like sucked by a space-time machine and transported to this Perthian soil by magic. Everything about it looks "Frenchy", the sizing, the furniture, the cabinets with the cakes, the doors, the baskets with the pastries, the "je ne sais quoi" in it. There is a small area outside, a bigger one inside and the backyard.

Choux bakes daily and has a small but wonderful selection of sweet and savoury cakes, and wonderful pastries.

Their Apricot Danish is my favourite in the whole Perth, and is just one of those pieces of food that it is worth including in your "must eat before dying" if you happen to like Danish. Full of flavour, moist, flaky, crunchy. Ohmygosh, I love those. My belly is singing. All the small slices and cakes I have tried are wonderful.

What about the "fuchsia bomb" aka Raspberry Mousse Cake, with that wonderful perky mush flesh being penetrated by those lovely round pieces of thick black chocolate?

What about the Strawberry Tartlet, that makes you think that what your are eating must be sinful because is so yummy and delicious and beautiful to look at.

Their citron tartlet, their pistachio slice, the apricot tart, their little cute pieces of brownie, their normal croissants, almost everything is wonderful.
There are so many interesting things that I have never tried their macaroons. That is like something worth noting!

Believe it or not I am more into savoury stuff than into cakes, especially if they are good. And Choux delivers again because has my super-favourite savoury pastry things around the planet, especially their quiches, pies and, above all, their savoury flat tarts that are just fresh, light, healthy and exquisite.

The coffee is really well prepared, but I am not wowed by it as it is too smooth and latte-ish for my taste.

Service is matter of fact, still courteous. I love the fact that they pack things well, so you can carry your "thingies" for a long time without them mutating into an amorphous blob.

> They need to improve their toilets,
> Their furniture is too heavy and too big. They could have more people inside by using smaller tables.
> They should have a happy hour at the end of their working day...

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pastelería Isla (Granada, Spain)

Calle Carrera del Genil, 27
    18009 Granada
    Phone: +34 958 222 405

This patisserie was the first opened by Casa Isla in Granada (the original was founded in the nearby town of Santa Fe in the 19th century) and it was one of the few patisseries in the city when I was a kid. The place was a hang-up place for families on Sundays, after Mass, and was one of those places you would go to buy your sweets for birthdays and presents.

This is not a posh in vogue patisserie place by any means, as it is an old very small cafe, with a very limited seating area. Still, it has some elements that remind the visitor of its former splendour years, with a lovely marble counter, the chandelier lamps, the framed Royal Appointment, among other elements of decoration. The chairs used to be the traditional wooden ones, round tables, which I miss, because they made the perfect old-style cafe and were way comfier than the current ones.  

They sell a selection of traditional sweets, cakes, slices, tarts, (and ice-creams and ice-cream tarts in the warmer months), but most people come here to have a coffee with a pionono or to buy boxes of piononos, which are delivered fresh every day and disappear every day way before closing time.
So, what is a pionono? It is a small sweet that you will only find in this city, no other place in Andalusia, Spain or the world. They could have the same name, but they are not the same. The original Granada pionono is a historical piece of patisserie. The founder of Casa Isla, Ceferino Isla, was its creator. This man was very religious and wanted to create a special sweet to honour Pope Pius the Ninth (Pio Nono in Spanish). So, he created a small cake that reminded him of the Pope's shape: plump, roundish, short, its head covered by a papal cap. In 1916 King Alfonso the 13th, while visiting a friend in Granada Province, was offered some piononos with his mid-afternoon tea. He loved them so much that he appointed Ceferino's patisserie an official provider of the Spanish Royal House. A title that the bakery still holds.

The pionono is a golden small, short, plump spongy cylinder rolled over itself, slightly infused in syrup, topped by a round "cap" of toasted cream. It goes in one morsel, or two, perfect to date your coffee.  It  has a distinctive flavour, it is moist, mid level of sweetness, fluffy and very fresh.

Lately, the traditional piononos have been joined for some summery flavoured versions that are far behind regarding flavour and quality except for the citrus one, which I loved.

There are piononos in other patisseries in the city but they are not as good or fresh as the ones sold here.  Regarding other sweets they sell, varies from type to type. I like some of them and not others. I used to love their ice-cream tarts when I was a kid.,

Service changes from person to person, some of the ladies lovely some others a bit dry and matter of fact. Thank Gosh for the moist cakes :).

If you are lucky to grab a seat, you will stay here for a long time, as this is one of those places that, for whatever reason, keeps people there talking for hours. No joke!

This places is part of my emotional-belly memory. Even the things I don't like make it special to me.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Rey Fernando (Granada, Spain)

Calle Reyes Católicos, 28
    18009 Granada
    Phone:  +34 958 224 949

Rey Fernando is one my fav coffee spots in the city because of its killer location in the commercial Reyes Católicos St, but also because of their coffee  and cake slices.

The place is tiny, the preparation and display area occupying most of the premises, and the seating area is reduced to a few stools around the counter, and the upstairs seating area.

I love mousse cakes and slices so many o their sweets fit this bill perfectly. I absolutely love and recommend their Rey Fernando cake, as in my photo, which they also have with a white chocolate crust. I also like their piononos when they are fresh.

They have a lovely selection of ice-creams, gofres, pastries, frozen yoghurt, chocolate drinks, fresh juices, granita, and what is not.

The staff are very hard-working and lovely. They are matter of fact if you don't speak Spanish, as most of them have a very basic English, which does not allow them to interact with customers much. They are just lovely if you happen to speak Spanish or just make the effort to say a few words in Spanish.

> The coffee preparation and quality varies depending on the barista.
> The place is crowded at Spanish coffee times, so you have to stand.


Their piononos can be hiper-fresh or a bit stale. I guess it depends on the delivery days from the mother-bakery in Santafé, but I have seen noticeable differences in the level of freshness and taste depending on the days I have visited.

Don't order churros! I have seen here cold churros being reheated, it is usually non-locals who come here for churros, not knowing that they have awesome churro places in Plaza Bibarrambla, three minutes away, prepared on the spot fresh all day long.

Heladería Los Italianos (Granada, Spain)

Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 4
18010 Granada
Phone: +34 958 224 034

Lost Italianos is one of the oldest gelaterie in the city and the most  renowned. It has been open for decades, and one of the highlights to enjoy summer for most Granadians. Seriously! You know it is spring time when... Los Italianos reopen every year.

The owners are Italians so the production of the ice-creams has always been Italian traditional gelato making, with light textured flavoursome ice-creams and crunchy delicious waffle cones. Lost Italianos were the first to bring unusual flavours to the city's ice-cream world, although nowadays other gelaterie have more daring and interesting flavours. Still, the quality of the gelato here is undeniable, the selection of flavours excellent, and the taste wonderful.

My favourite flavours are pineapple and crema tostada and their cassata.

Their servings are decent in size, and the prices fair.

Service is fast and friendly, despite the fact that the staff is at times overwhelmed by a constant flood of people all day long. It can be chaotic.

I hate cueing for anything, especially for anything edible. This is the only place in the city where you find cues and, if there is no a cue,  there is a human suffocating mass around. Something that always puts me off.

Michelle Obama stopped here for her ice-cream when holidaying in town a couple of years ago. I thought it was cool Michelle and I have shared the same ice-cream :P

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lot 20 Bar (Northbridge, Perth WA, Australia)

200-206, William Street
Cultural Centre
Perth WA 6000

    Mon-Sat 10am-12am
    Sun 10am-10pm

 Lot Twenty on Urbanspoon 

Lot 20 is all-in one café and bar located in the heart of the Cultural Centre. The place has a wonderful layout with many different micro-spaces created in their alfresco yard and indoors: cosy spots, hide-in spots, alone spots, eating-with-your-pal spots, girly spots, macho spots, couples spots. Spottified! 

The place is woody, retro-industrial, very colourful and with plenty of funny and quirky elements of decoration and artwork. The painting with the jugglers freaks me out every time, I swear. The toilets are great with all those black tiny tiles and the chromed piping ending in those bottles of white creamy soap, really cool.

The atmosphere is also very cool, not only because of the design, but because of the various clientele that visits the place, all ages, all dressing styles, all kinds of humans, that are seasoned and stirred up by a mix of retro music.  

Opening times are awesome - food, coffee and drinks available in the city centre any time of the day from 10am to 10pm. Beat that! And the prices are OK taking into account that this is Perth city centre.

One of the things I like the most about the place is that they add new dishes very often, so if you happen to go often, you will always find something new to try. I love that. It keeps me going to places.


Lot Twenty has a mix cart of post-modern pub food, with plenty of vegetarian dishes, and they use local fresh produce, which is always a guarantee of freshness and flavour. They have a great concept about the dishes they offer, but the food has been yummy sometimes, OK others, and absolutely blah others. 

The top in my chart have been the Son in Law Eggs with chilly caramel dressing and coriander, so beautiful looking, so smooth in your mouth, sweetish and with a wonderful mix of flavours, colours and textures. The home-made terrine was great, fresh, soft, smooth and very delicate, perfect with the dollop of mustard sauce. 

The asparagus on potato foam with yuzu and kaffir lime "magic dust" were wonderful, very simply prepared and beautifully presented. I also loved the beetroot salad, a mix of fruit and veggie salad infused in the beetroot juice, which was delicious; mine had apple, orange, compressed melon, beetroot and another veggie that I could not recognise. The warm vegetables salad was very simple, but very healthy looking and tasty, the veggies cooked to perfection, not too hard not too soft.

I liked their home-made onion rings and the fish and chips with the accompanying slightly spicy sauce dip - home-style unpretentious pub (oily) food and very filling. 

I had high expectations regarding the slightly smoked pork belly, but I had a ploff sort of moment. The produce was top notch, and the flavour of each separate item as well, but the mix was not complementary. The cardamom and apple gel was lovely in flavour, and nicely plated, but it was not enough quantity or texture to envelop with its flavour and moisture the very dry crunchy pork belly. The chestnut flakes were also lovely, but another dry element to add to another dry element, dry to the square, which prevented the pork belly from gliding down my esophagus toboggan style. 

The spiced cauliflower has been the main disappointment (absolutely ploff!). I love cauliflower, it is one of those vegetables that is easy to cook and morph into amazing things. However, the cauliflower was way too hard, the chunks too big, the dollops of herbed [sic] yoghurt sauce too thick to be easily spreadable and give moisture and flavour to the dish as a whole, while the wonderful pomegranate and nuts sprinkle were lost trying to seduce a frigid cauliflower. No chemistry, baby.  

I did not like the olives. Why anybody would choose mediocre olives over wonderful ones escapes me, like a butterfly passing by. Perhaps they should like olives first to choose good ones!!  


Regarding the sweets, the Pear Friand was great! Very small (cute actually) but wonderful regarding flavour, moisture, texture and level of sugar. In contrast, the chocolate pudding sorta thing was a  "does he love me-does he love me not" sort of dish. A 3-dollar dessert really puts me in the mood of anything good, so I did enjoy it. On the other hand, what I got was, basically, jellied condensed sweetened milk zombified by a bit of Milo. You could think, genius! I agree! But I prepare similar things at home in summer and takes no culinary skills to do so; I was just expecting something beyond my poor-dessert-making skills, that happens when your expectations are expectant. And... why not calling it Condensed Milk Pudding so my imagination does not fly mid way to crash hard against concrete reality too soon? Anticlimactic!


I love their wine and drinks chart, and the prices of the international wines are terrific for Perth standards. I absolutely loved the Lopez de Haro red wine, smooth like a nice kiss. 

Their coffee is well prepared and creamy, but the beans they use produce one of those "weakienikis" that we find throughout Perth. Perfect for you if you like smooth weak coffees. Otherwise, my easy-solution kinda solution is ordering a topped-up long macchiato instead of your usual flat white. I did so and I was happy with the strength an flavour of my coffee. Oh Wittgenstein you know how wording works on the tongues of people. 


Most of the staff are really welcoming, helpful, very friendly, and very cute! The problem is the organisation of the service at times. It was chaotic, confused and inattentive during my first visit, a bit of a disaster and got me annoyed. Fortunately, first impressions are delusive and I always give a second opportunity. Glad I did because the service has dramatically changed in my following visits, and these guys have been pampering my regal butt since then. Kiss Kiss. 

The main problem with the service is not the people, is that the dishes take quite a while to come out at times, no matter the difficulty in the preparation or how empty the local is. Almost half an hour for a dish of simple eggs is unacceptable. I wondered if they were helping the chicken to lay the eggs directly cooked onto the plate. Bang Bang. 

However, I mentioned the issue to one of the waiters, and my eggs were on my table presto!, and my second dish came 5 minutes after ordering it! The Sound of Music.  

That is willingness to please! Kudos to all them for the effort. The more I go, the more attentive they are to my needs, and that is always a great sign, and what turns customers into regulars. 


I will go back, I like the place, there are many things I want to try, like their visually enthralling burger and Dutch chips, fish and chips, and all the new dishes they are incorporating into the menu. They have so many different veggie and meaty things that is impossible not to like at least a few of them. Having said that, their food can easily improved, and needs to improve, it takes a willingness to work the textures and flavours of some of the more avant-garde dishes a bit better to do so. Nothing really wow. But you don't want to be wowed that often; otherwise your wows would be less genuine. 


Coffee takeaway cup size is minuscule ridicule. Fix it! You need at least a large cup to make any coffeeholic happy!


* Free Wi-fi for those who just communicate with their antennae.
* No PayWave. Wave your fingers athletically to introduce your PIN, instead


>> I hope they have big umbrellas for the patio area once summer comes, because the place is already hot, and you don't want to seat al fresco to get hot.<<
>> How many steps or kilometres do the waiters do going upstairs/downstairs the kitchen the whole day? Good workout!<<